Preventative Dentistry

preventativeExcellent preventative dental care can greatly increase your chances of enjoying healthy teeth and gums. The lovely thing about preventative dentistry is that it is relatively easy and it is much more cost-effective than waiting for problems to develop. Regular check-ups will help detect and treat small problems while teeth cleanings help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Although professional dental care can help tremendously, home oral care is absolutely vital.

Oral Hygiene

Everybody should brush at least twice a day and needs to floss once-a-day. This simple routine will take less than ten minutes and could save you time and money in the dental chair. Ideally, brush first thing in the morning and last thing at night and floss just before you go to bed. Your mouth is drier overnight, so making sure it is clean reduces your risk of dental disease.

Are you confident your brushing and flossing skills are up to scratch? If not we can help by providing personalised tuition. Often just being shown how to brush and floss more effectively can make a huge difference, particularly when it comes to flossing as we know many people dislike or struggle with this essential task.

Please, just ask us anything you would like to know about your dental health.