Children’s Dentistry

childrenThe Smile Factory is a family oriented dental practice and we love seeing kids. Whenever we see children, we go out of our way to ensure their visit is as much fun as possible and is completely painless. During visits children can sit back and relax while watching TV as we gently examine or treat their teeth. Our children’s dentistry services are oriented towards preventative care as we much prefer to do everything we can to make sure your little one grows up with strong healthy teeth.


We thoroughly recommend bringing your child to see us from age one onwards. This initial visit will just be a gentle examination but is a great chance for your child to get used a brand-new environment. As your child gets older we will need to see them at regular intervals, depending on their level of risk for tooth decay. We also encourage you to ask any questions you may have about your child’s dental care.

Get Advice about Your Child’s Home Dental Care

We can show you the best way to keep their brand-new teeth beautifully clean and eventually how to begin flossing them once they come into contact. You will probably need to brush your child’s teeth until age seven or eight and they will need help with flossing until age ten when they develop sufficient dexterity for this task. When your child is ready, we can also chat to them about how to brush and floss and will provide personalised tuition to help them develop healthy habits that we very much hope will last for life.

A Personalised Treatment plan for Your Child

When your child initially visits us, we will provide them with a personalised treatment plan and this will determine how frequently they should visit and how often we will need to take dental x-rays. By bringing your child to see us regularly, we hope to detect any small problems before they can cause any discomfort. At this stage they will be much easier to treat and there is a better chance of being able to save infected or damaged teeth. During their regular checkups we will also be assessing the development of their teeth and jaws and if required will recommend an orthodontic assessment which can take place as early as age six or seven.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is very important for good dental health and regular fluoride treatments will help harden your child’s teeth, protecting them against cavities. Fluoride application is quick and painless as we use fluoride foam and treatment should only take a few minutes to complete.